Poupee invites you to get lost …
As you enter Poupee you are more than welcome to leave all conventional thoughts and your everyday behavior. Just reconnect yourself, your senses and be with the people around you

Events take place under the Purple Badge Coronavirus restrictions

Celebrating events “outside the box”.
POUPEE covers an area of 750 meters of fantasy, where you can hold an event that seats 170 people or a cocktail party/party of 450 people.
The seating sections are meticulously designed in a circular shape in order to create intimacy between the guests. The restroom area is designed to give a feeling of walking in a magical forest or a journey to another life.
Every section is designed differently, in an unusual way that arouses curiosity. It is an experience that will stimulate all five of your senses and those of your guests.
This whole magical and enchanting experience is available for your next event in one place in the center of Tel Aviv, with a variety of personalized menus, according to your needs.
The place is suitable for both private and business events.
There is also an option for outside Kosher catering.